Acriminalg TV

Store Arona

AcriminalG was born from Ada & Gio back in 2003/2004.

Initially the name referred to our design projects, from the production of graphics to an owned clothing line: we are super interested in street art and toy design.

After a while the project changed into a real Skateshop with the distribution of European skate brands on the national territory, like Sweet Skateboards from Sweden or Hessemob from Germany. 

During the economic crisis that hit all the markets in 2008, we focused completely on the shop, avoiding the risks of distribution and promoting AcriminalG brand products, and obviously other Brands.

The physical store has always allowed us to stay in touch with the reality around us, support the local scene and sometimes create one from scratch. A good shop is the backbone of any skate scene.

We carry the most important Brands in the skateboarding game and streetwear, plus, we live in a beautiful place so we are also focused on sustainability and living outdoor, so come to visit us to taste our “lakelife”.