Skateboarding saves

Skateboarding saved John Rattray, and helped him to beat the depression! 

“Why So Sad?” it’s all about this

The shoe arrives in a light blue leather base with darker blue panels over. The blue wear-away Swoosh reveal a yellow base coating. The night is darkest just before the dawn!

Red Nike SB tags are stitched on the outside of the mesh tongues while “Why So Sad?” labels are fixed on the interior sides.

The mission’s mascot, known as

The Predatory Bird embroidered on the heel cruising on a bike or on a skateboard.

Mismatched insoles doing a handstand while skateboarding.

Question mark on the suede heel tabs and lace tips.

White midsoles and semi-translucent icy rubber outsoles.

“I hope that one day we’ll be able to talk about depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts the same way we talk about a swellbow. I hope that each of us will have the skills to help ourselves and each other through the storm whenever things get rough,” said Rattray in an interview.

If you are struggling with a mental health issue 

or know someone who is 

know that you are not alone 

Mental Health issues can look different for everyone 

Some try to smile to hide their struggle behind humor 

Others overschedule themselves so they are never alone with their thoughts 

It can impact to your diet and sleep

eating or sleeping too much or too little

It can impact to your ability and desire to socialize and enjoy your time with friends and family 

It can have a negative impact on your performance at school or at work

So speak up and seek support!

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